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eLivelihood allows family members a way to financially contribute to the welfare of a loved one and share vital information for an aging parent. Family members see financial account information, send and track individual contributions, manage bill payments and debit cards, and monitor for fraud. Our storage solution keeps data such as medication lists, insurance information, wills, Dr info, etc. private yet accessible to family members who need it. We also have a tablet application for the elderly that allows the family to easily share pictures and videos, get calendar and medication reminders and they can contact everyone in their circle with one tap of the screen.

Recipient App*

Keep your loved one(s) socially connected to the family easily with an application specifically designed for seniors. Icons are large, color coded and easy to read. No need to log into different applications, everything is right here and connected directly to their account. Set it up once and it’s done! You control the settings for the tablet and each group member can make changes remotely.


Keep your loved one informed of upcoming events, medication reminders, Dr's appointments, birthdays, etc.

Automatically Upload Media

Share pictures and videos directly to their tablet from your dashboard or mobile phone. Everyone in the family group can contribute without linking to social media websites. It’s already built into our system and very easy to use.


Safe File Storage

Safely store medication lists, doctor and health information, the will, whatever the family needs easy access to. Restricted access to family memebers who 'need to know'.

Contact Family Members

Each group member can choose how they are contacted. Text and email can be done directly from the app by just clicking on your picture. Future releases will include phone and video streaming features.

* Tablet not included. Internet connectivity is required for full services.

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